The Quality of Life in St. George, UT

The quality of life in St. George, UT is full of blue sunny skies, white fluffy clouds, green golf courses, red rock mountains, beautiful walking trails, great shopping, and thriving businesses. It’s wonderful living, working, and playing in St. George. You will enjoy Washington County’s climate of warm winters for many outdoor activities each day of the year. The natural landscape of St. George and its surrounding communities provides a small town feel even though it’s a metropolitan area.

Summer days in St. George get on the warmer side, but the nights are always cool. Summer nights become the perfect setting for patio lifestyles around the pool. And, as the area sits 2,800 feet above sea level, year round recreation is a daily event for most residents. St. George, UT is known for its golf adventures. The city is actually known as the Golf Capital of Utah.

Nearby Pine Valley and Pine Mountain rises 10,000 feet high while offering a cool summer retreat within miles from St. George. You can also enjoy Quail Creek, Gunlock and Sand Hollow Reservoir for boating, water skiing and other water activities. Lake Mead and Lake Powell offer world class boating opportunities for the whole family.

Many people have relocated to St. George for various reasons. The top reason for relocating to St. George is the quality of life. Other reasons for relocating here include the breathtaking scenic areas, temperate climate, healthy lifestyle, golf courses, outstanding schools, and local colleges. Plus, there’s always a great event scheduled. St. George is highly productive with diverse skills and a wonderful mix of cultural backgrounds.

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