Tips to Create Your Own Haunted House

Recently, I came across some tips to help make your house haunted this Halloween season and thought I would share what I found. These easy to do tips will have your family and friends feeling downright haunted when they visit your home. It’s a great way to make your Halloween a spooky one to remember.

Haunted House Décor Tips

 Sinister Vibe – Spray paint everything you can black. You can start out with cheap vases and flowers. Spray paint them black and set them around your home. You can also spray paint candles and candle holders black. No matter what you paint it will look sinister, just make sure you don’t mind it staying black.

 Totally Creepy – Throw white sheets over all your furniture so it looks like your home has been vacant for yours. This will totally creep out your family and friends when they come to visit.

 Shadow Effect – Fill your home with lots of tall, skinny candles and keep your lights turned off. You can use old bottles painted black to hold them all. This will create a spooky show effect.

 Hair Raising – All you need to have your home feeling hair-raising creepy is a few statue busts or old dolls. Many people think there is nothing more hair-raising than busts and old dolls.

 Dead Look – You may actually like the dead look of dead branches lying around your tables and in your vases. This is a look that can be very chic and spooky at the same time.

 Aged Look – Get dried Spanish moss and toss it around on your furniture to make it look like no one has used that couch or chair in years. You can buy bags of Spanish moss at any craft store.

 Antique Feel – Gather black and white photos of the oldest you can find and put them in vintage style frames. If you create a gallery on your wall, it will give your home a haunted antique feel.

 Webs – Just buy a few packs of spider webs from any store that sells Halloween items and put them in every corner of your home.

No matter how you decorate your home for Halloween just keep-in-mind that to make it haunted and creepy looking you need black décor, old décor, dolls, spiders, webs, and candles.

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