Update Your Home in St. George with a New Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaceSurrounded by the stunning red rock landscapes of southwestern Utah, St. George is the perfect place to create an outdoor living oasis. Transforming your outdoor living spaces in St. George into a haven of comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal can greatly enhance how much you enjoy your home, as well as its resale value. In this guide, we explore creative and practical ideas to upgrade your outdoor spaces, turning them into inviting retreats for relaxation, entertainment, and connection with the breathtaking surroundings.

Create a Relaxing Lounge Area

Start by designing a comfortable lounge area where you can unwind and enjoy the scenic beauty of St. George. Invest in quality outdoor furniture, such as cozy sofas, lounge chairs, and ottomans, or consider built-in custom outdoor furniture that is more permanent and durable.

Add weather-resistant cushions and throw pillows in vibrant colors to create an inviting atmosphere. Consider placing the seating arrangement strategically to take advantage of shade during hot afternoons and to maximize panoramic views.

By creating a specific lounge area, you can help break up the property into outdoor "rooms" to take full advantage of the outside space.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Elevate your outdoor living experience by installing a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. From built-in grills and countertops to outdoor sinks and storage cabinets, an outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy alfresco dining without having to constantly move between indoor and outdoor spaces. This will be a functional space where you can entertain guests and prepare delicious meals, all while significantly boosting the value of your home and its resale appeal.

Create Shade

Averaging over 300 days of sunshine each year, St. George's climate calls for thoughtful shade solutions to ensure comfort during the warmer months. Consider adding a pergola, gazebo, or retractable awning to create shaded areas where you can relax and entertain without the direct glare of the sun. Enhance the shaded spaces with outdoor curtains or bamboo blinds to add a touch of elegance while providing additional protection.

One of the keys to designing an outdoor living space in St. George is making it usable for as much of the year as possible. Creating shade solutions is one of the best ways to do that. 

Integrate Fire Features

Another great way to make sure you can use your outdoor living space all year round is to incorporate features like a fire pit or fireplace. This will extend the usability of the space into cooler evenings and winter months. 

Install a stylish fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or a portable fire table to create a warm and inviting focal point. Not only do fire features add ambiance, but they also provide a cozy setting for socializing, making them perfect for chilly desert nights.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is one of the most influential factors in any design, even outside, so be sure to illuminate your outdoor living spaces with well-designed outdoor lighting. Incorporate string lights, pathway lights, and strategically placed spotlights to create a magical ambiance during the evening hours. Lighting not only adds functionality to the space but also accentuates architectural features and landscaping elements, extending the enjoyment of your outdoor oasis into the night.

Add a Special Feature

To elevate your exterior design, consider adding a special focal point to the design. For example, a home with a pool in St. George will allow you to entertain and relax in your backyard well beyond the summer months. A well-designed pool can serve as a refreshing escape during the hotter months, while a spa provides relaxation and therapeutic benefits year-round.

Another great feature to consider is an outdoor movie theater. Invest in a quality projector, a large screen or a blank wall, and comfortable seating arrangements. Add cozy blankets, pillows, and a snack station for a cinematic experience under the stars. This outdoor entertainment option is perfect for family nights, date nights, or gatherings with friends.

You might also add a yoga or meditation area. Designate a tranquil corner of your outdoor space for yoga practice or meditation. Install a durable outdoor mat, add comfortable cushions, and perhaps hang a hammock for ultimate relaxation.

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