Welcome to St George Utah

Welcome to St. George, Utah. Why do people choose St. George for their home? It could be because it is surrounded by nature’s beauty. Red sandstone cliffs are a majestic view over the city, Zion National Park is located just minutes from St. George and Bryce Canyon National Park is a short drive away.

While many people choose St. George as a place to retire, it is far from a sleepy town. The City plays host to many sports events throughout the year, including the St. George Marathon and the Huntsman World Senior Games. Also, it was recenty chosen to become the Ford Ironman Triathlon Series’ homethroughout the next five years. If you love to hike, bicycle, go mountain climbing, rafting or skiing,there is somewhere nearby for you to dojust that. The new St. George Airport being built inthe cityhas brought hundreds of jobs to St. George residents and has the potential to bring millions of dollars in revenue to the city for years to come.

St. George schools are some of the best around. Washington County School District consistently ranks as one of the strongest school districts in the entire state. Dixie State College is now a fully-accredited four-year college offering liberal arts, natural sciences and businessdegrees amongst others.

St. George is dedicated to preserving as much of the natural wildlife that makes the city so beautiful as possible. The Red Cliffs Desert Reserve Habitat Conservation Plan was created in cooperating with the City and various other agencies to preserve the natural habitat of the Mojave Desert Tortoise. The City has set aside 60,000 acres adjacent to St. George for this very purpose.

The skies above St. George tend to be clean, blue and sunny for most of the year. Thereare two rainfall seasons annually; one early on in the spring and one towards the end of summer. This all helps contribute to the beautiful flora surrounding the city of St. George and keeps everyone in a sunny mood throughout the year. Come see what St. George real estate is all about and own your own little piece of the American dream. Let St. George welcome you!

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