What Sellers Really Want in an Agent

What Sellers Really Want in an Agent

Any licensed real estate agent can sell a property. They can list it on the MLS, stick a sign in the front yard, and posted for sale sticker on it. However, that doesn’t mean every experience is going to be amazing.

Selling your home can be stressful… No, it is stressful. You have to clean the house, stage it, take photos, look at offers, have people traipsing through your home, etc. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think that stressful but the reality is, that’s okay. Right now it’s a seller’s market which means your home probably won’t be on the market for long. That being said, the run-up to the pictures and the listing can feel like a sprint. So what can a great real estate agent really do to help ease this process?

For one thing, now is not the time to use a listing agent that you may have heard about from a friend or coworker or someone that just got started in the business or the cousin of a friend, etc. This is the time to really buckle down and find the best agent for the job. While any licensed agent can sell a property, you want someone that takes the stress and burden off of you and helps you through the process.

You don’t want someone that is waiting around for you to call them to list the property. You want someone that is on the ball, helping you throughout the process, giving you tips, staging tricks, and assisting in any way possible. Now, I know that a lot of people like hands-off agents, and while a listing agent shouldn’t be unknowingly present at all times, you do want someone that is responsive to your phone calls or texts, hold your hand throughout the process, and explains every step of the way. You also need someone that knows how to market the property.

The listing agent and the buying agent

There are typically two real estate agents involved in every real estate transaction; the listing agent or the agent that actually lists the properties for the seller and the buying agent that brings the buyer to the table. Sometimes that can be the same agent but it gets a little muddy from there. Typically, the seller will enlist the help of a listing agent. Now, while all licensed real estate agents and brokers can do both sides of the transaction, many agents specialize in one or the other.

You want someone that knows how to list properties really well. This doesn’t mean just throwing up the information on the MLS. This means someone that will walk you through the staging process, look at every room in your house telling you what needs to change to get the very most out of the sale of your home, someone that will give you tips and tricks, options, closing dates, price ranges, and a dedicated plan on how to market your home.

Basically, you want someone that really knows what they’re doing. And that comes with dedication, motivation, and experience. Nothing beats experience. Every real estate transaction is a learning experience. With hundreds under my belt, and years of experience, I know exactly how to list, what day of the week to list, how to market, how to price, and how to get you the most offers on the table in the shortest amount of time.

Nobody likes to sit on the market any longer than they have to. It’s already stressful enough having people coming in and out of your home. One of the best things I can recommend for my sellers at this time is because of the seller’s market and the number of potential buyers coming to the home, I recommend leaving the property for a couple of days when your home hits the market. Typically, if we list on Wednesday and review offers on Monday, that gives buyers the weekend to look at the home, come up with their best offers, and then by Monday, you pick the offer and breathe easy.

Yes, it can be a stressful run-up to the listing and beyond, but once you are under contract and you’re on your way to selling, the fun begins on the other end. Now it’s time for you to find your next amazing home.

If you want the best in St. George real estate, the most profit for the sale of your home and guided assistance throughout the entire process, you can’t beat the experience and knowledge of a dedicated southern Utah agent. Give me a call today.

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