What to Look for When Touring 55+ Communities in St. George

What to Look for When Touring 55+ Communities in St. George

What to Look for When Touring 55+ Communities in St. George – St. George Utah has a lot of adult communities and is one of my specialties, so when buyers are out looking and touring these communities I want to make sure that they maximize their time and energy. Be sure to look for certain things when touring these communities whether with your agent or alone. Here are some of the top things I suggest looking for when browsing and visiting some of these active adult communities in St. George.

#1. Amenities.

Obviously, you’re choosing one of these communities for their low maintenance lifestyle and amenities. But, just because a community has everything under the sun from social activities to golf doesn’t mean that you will utilize all of these amenities and will you be paying for things you just won’t use? Think about your daily lifestyle; are you planning on taking up golf or tennis? Do you prefer more of a social calendar with things to do and activities? Are you active and into recreational activities? Think about what kind of lifestyle you’re looking to lead while living in one of these communities and look for amenities that fit your lifestyle. There’s no point to pay for a golf membership if you’re never going to play golf.

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#2. Size.

There are a variety of communities throughout the St. George area from smaller condominium complexes to larger single-family home communities with cottage properties, townhouses, and single-family homes. What kind of lifestyle are you looking for and how big do you want your community? Are you looking for communities of over 5000 people or a smaller tightknit community of less than 500?

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#3. Homeowner association fees and dues.

All of these communities there is usually a homeowners association. This is a legal entity that oversees the community and all shared and common spaces. Not only will you be paying a mortgage or rent of some kind but usually HOA dues and fees as well. Make sure you budget this into your monthly housing costs. As I mentioned with the first point, don’t pay for amenities that you’re never going to use. However, if the community fits every other aspect of what you’re looking for, it might be worth a few more dollars in association fees to get the community you really want.

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#4. The people that live there.

Obviously, you can’t know everybody when touring the property but talk to a few residents and ask how they enjoy the community. Is there anything that would change or something they wish they had known before moving in? Get to know your neighbors and if you like the lifestyle and community in which you might live. If all they do is sit around drinking and smoking cigars playing poker every night, that may or may not be your lifestyle. Are you more into aerobic classes, cooking demonstrations, or fine dining and dance evenings? Ask about the amenities and social events to see if the community fits your lifestyle as well.

Feel free to call me anytime and let’s discuss the amenities and what you are looking for in a 55+ communities around St. George. Because there are so many options we can usually find a community that works for your budget and your lifestyle.

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