What's the Weather like in St George Utah?

Nestled in the picturesque corner of southwestern Utah, St. George boasts a climate that beckons outdoor enthusiasts and sun worshippers alike. This blog takes you on a weather journey through the seasons as I experience them, living here for more than 25 years.

A Symphony of Sunshine: St. George's Annual Sun Extravaganza

St. George is synonymous with sunshine, offering over 300 days of clear skies annually. The sun becomes an integral part of daily life, casting a warm glow over the city's red rock formations and creating a haven for those seeking a perpetual summer. As residents, we sometimes take the daily sunshine for granted.  The warm sun not only influences the weather but shapes the lifestyle of St. George residents, allowing us to live and play in the sun on a daily basis. 

Summer: A Blaze of Red and Heat

As summer sets in, temperatures soar into the mid-90s to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The scorching heat doesn't deter the locals though.  We learn to schedule our outdoor activities in the cooler morning or later evening.  Unless your day includes laying by the pool or going to the lake!  Anytime of day is great for those activities in the summer.  Hiking in breathtaking Snow Canyon State Park to perfecting your swing on one of the world-class golf courses, summer in St. George is an adventure bathed in sunlight.

Fall in St George

Fall's Gentle Embrace: Cooling Off and Changing Colors

With the arrival of fall, St. George experiences a gradual cooldown.  Just when you think you're over the dog days of summer, fall arrives. Daytime temperatures hover between the high 70s and mid-80s, creating the perfect weather to explore outside.  Depending on the year, gorgeous fall foliage adds a touch of magic to the red sandstone cliffs.  Fall in St. George comes much later than other areas of the county.  The weather is still usually balmy in November and you could host Thanksgiving Dinner on your patio if you like.  There will still be leaves on the trees into December in St George.  

Mild Winters: A Desert Wonderland

Winter in St. George is a mild affair compared to its northern Utah. Daytime temperatures range from the 50s to 60s, offering a pleasant escape from harsh winter conditions. Snow rarely falls in St George.  In fact, the weather is so temperate you rarely need a heavy winter coat.  Many newcomers actually get rid of their winter wardrobe all together.  Pine Valley Mountain will typically gets measureable snow, providing a scenic backdrop. There's plenty of snow to play in about an hour away which is perfect.  Close enough to play in but far enough away not to have to deal with the cold and bad driving conditions.  Winter in St. George is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities without the frosty chill, from hiking to golfing or simply basking in the winter sun.

Spring Awakening: A Burst of Color and Renewal

As winter says goodbye, spring unfolds in St. George with a burst of colors and renewed life. Temperatures gradually rise into the 70s and 80s, making it an ideal time for outdoor gatherings and community events. Spring comes sooner in our area than other parts of the country too!  Garden entusiasts will be planting their tomatoes in early April.  Parks and green spaces become bustling meeting spots as the trees and plants start to bloom again.  Spring in St. George is a glorious time.  The weather is almost perfect making it a great time to restart the outdoor festivities. 

Below is a graph of the average monthly temperature in St George UT provided by Google -

weather in St George UT

In my opinion, St. George Utah offers fabulous weather year round.  You still get to enjoy the changing seasons, but winter, my least favorite,  is not around for very long.  I love the sun-soaked days of summer and the colorful changes  of spring and fall.  The mild winters that allow year-round outdoor activities are why so many people move here and love to call St George home.  With such great weather residents and visitors alike have the opportunity to get out and enjoy the natural wonders of the southwestern United States. St. George's climate is one of the reasons so many people are flocking to the area.  It's a destination that captures the hearts of those who appreciate the beauty of every season.

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