As we enter into summer with more confinement than usual, many of those who are looking to buy homes are hoping to find a home with a private swimming pool. St. George has always been a place where homes with swimming pools are highly sought after due to our fabulously warm and sunny weather. Now homes with pools are almost a must-have as the pandemic rolls on through the hot weather months.  As the Pandemic Hits Summer Buyers are Looking for Pools

Before the pandemic, with its social distancing, and limited capacity rules, homeowners without pools could just find a public beach or swimming pool, hop in the car, and take a day to go swimming in a public place without a care.  

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Now people hoping to cool themselves down in a large body of water are subject to limitations or finding a private pool. This is why there has been such an increase in buyers looking for homes with a private swimming pool. It is not just St. George, where pools have climbed the rankings for homebuyer’s must-have lists. As a whole one of the most popular online home searches was for “homes with swimming pools.” Suburb areas around cities like New York not only have buyers looking for homes with private pools but homeowners calling to have in-ground pools put in their backyards. The demand for private pools is so high that those hoping to get around purchasing a home with a pool by installing one in their backyard is backlogged into the fall. Anyone hoping to build their own pool right now is being placed on a waitlist in case someone backs out.  

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The desire for homes with pools and nice outdoor spaces is growing in demand as we get into the summer. If you have a  St. George home with a pool and are unsure of selling at this time it just might prove to be a lucrative time to sell. Many homes with highly desired features in areas across the country are selling in a matter of days and some are going into bidding wars that end up in a sale above listing price.  

Are you looking to purchase a home with a pool in St. George right now? Let us help you find just the right one. It may take a little bit of patience to find the perfect one and preparation for some buyer competition, but it is not an impossible search.  

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