Best Home Buying Advice in St. George for 2018

We are heading into Fall and as the summer season wraps up and school begins, I’d like to offer some of the best home buying tips of 2018 so far! You know, what I really want my buyers to know about the process. If ever you’d like more information, start a home loan process, or just want to see a house for sale, give me a call! 435-229-8801

Does the Perfect House Really Exist?

We often hear about finding the perfect house or your dream house, but does this actually exist? I think it’s like the perfect relationship, it’s simply a myth. So what does the perfect house even look like?

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Realtor

Choosing a real estate agent should take more thought than just googling a local agent and contacting them. Wise clients always interview a new agent before deciding to hire them. While you are investigating the best agent to meet your needs a great agent should be interviewing you too. Be cautious of agents that don’t also ask you questions, great agents will be selective about their clients as well.

4 External Features to Inspect When Buying a Property

And I’m not talking just external on the house. Many factors can determine whether or not the house and property are for you. Besides the square footage, number of bedrooms, and the look. There are other factors that really have nothing to do with the actual property but could greatly affect the purchase or sale of the home.

8 Truths About Home Buying 

Buying a house can be fun, exciting, and a little anxiety-inducing, but knowing the good, bad, and ugly of a home purchase will make you more prepared and if everything does go smoothly, you won’t have anything to worry about. There are some hard truths out there when it comes to buying a house and I want to be honest with my clients. Here are my top eight truths that it’s important you know before buying a house.

10 Things to Check When Buying a Home with a Basement

The desire for homes with basements are actually increasing these days. Many people are specifically looking for a single story home with a daylight basement and while they used to be all the rage in the 1970s and 80s, they are certainly making a comeback. People are using basements these days for everything from a second living space, man cave, “she shed”, playroom or guest quarters. They really are becoming a place that adds added value to a home.

4 Keys to Getting a Home Loan Approved

Thinking about applying for a home loan in the next few months, you’re probably doing the research on home loans, mortgages, and how to get the best rates. There are four major keys to getting the best home loan, getting the best rates, and getting approved. Start with these four before applying for a home loan.

How to Check for Neighborhood Safety Before Moving in

The last thing you want once you move into a new home is to discover the neighborhood itself is not that safe. We have so many ways to check for neighborhood safety these days, from crime rates in school reports, simply googling the neighborhood to find out if there’s anything you should know before moving in. I want you safe the entire time you live in your neighborhood so here are three simple ways to check for neighborhood safety before you actually move-in.

How to Choose the Right Neighborhood

When looking for homes to buy it’s much more than the house itself, it’s the neighborhood, the location, the commute, maybe even the school district. So, when looking for the perfect house checklist for neighborhood assessment as well.

12 Considerations for Your Final Walkthrough When Buying

The final walk-through is a crucial part of the home buying process. Without that final walk-through, you can’t verify that inspection repairs were made or that the home is left in good standing order. Sellers technically need to leave the property as good as when you saw it when you made an offer. Of course, sellers may have moved out, but they are technically not allowed to trash the place, destroy it, or make it unlivable. This is the reason for the final walk-through. If anything is not up to standards or the contract, it needs to be taken care of before closing.

From start to finish, I want your home buying experience to be amazing! Ready to get started anywhere on the timeline? Give me a call. Have NO idea where to start? I can help with that too so you feel really prepared for the process. Let’s get started today!


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