St. George Cotton MissionThe 2011 Cotton Mission is ready to celebrate the 150th Anniversary and establishment of the City of St. George. They will begin with the annual 100 mile, eight day wagon train expedition from Parowan to St. George, Utah. Although the expedition doesn’t follow the original trail that the early settlers traveled, it does provide an opportunity for families and individuals around the area to experience life in a wagon company as it travels along the way through valleys and canyons in beautiful 150th Anniversary of St. George’s “Cotton Mission”.

Cotton Mission Schedule:

October 7 – Friday – Parowan (stage & start)

October 8-9 – Saturday & Sunday – Enoch/Cedar Valley

October 10 – Monday – Desert Mound

October 11 – Tuesday – Page Ranch

October 12 – Wednesday – Abe Spring (SR-18)

October 13 – Thursday – Veyo

October 14 – Friday – Ivins

October 15 – Saturday – St. George (finish at Vernon Worthen Park)

The Wagon Company Parade will be held October 15th at 11:30 am on Tabernacle Street. The Parade route begins on 400 West and travels east to 400 East – Vernon Worthen Park. The parade will be escorting the Wagon Train to its final destination were the kick-off of the Dixie Pioneer Festival will begin.

The parade will have marching bands for entertainment while paying tribute to the original 309 pioneer families who came to the Dixie Cotton Mission in 1861. Descendants of the settlers will walk in the parade displaying their family crest or family name on a flag or banner.

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