St. George Zombie Walk

The 3rd annual St. George Zombie Walk will be October 27th at 4pm this year. This event is held each year as zombies march to raise food for Dixie Care & Share. So, bring your family and friends and get ready to shuffle down St. George Boulevard in your favorite Zombie attire scaring everyone you can.

This year, there will be two corporate sponsors, Maverik and Cosmic Plus, along with a host of volunteers who enjoy the Halloween holiday. If you want to participate, you just need to dress up like a zombie and walk around freaking people out. It’s easy and super fun.

This year, the walk is for hunger, and what better way to feed zombies? Therefore, you will need to bring 3 cans of food to join the zombie walk. Families are asked to please bring 5 or more cans of food. And any additional food is always welcome and encouraged.

The fun will begin at 348 W St. George Blvd. There will be costume contests, games, prizes and refreshments for all participants. Everyone is invited to join the Zombie Walk in St. George on this day to celebrate the food collections and zombies. The main goal is to raise food for the hungry while having a good time.

The Zombie Walk will begin at Comics Plus on St. George Boulevard, October 27 at 4pm. For more information, you can visit the St. George Zombie Walk facebook page.

This Zombie Walk information is brought to you by: Erika Rogers – your 3rd Annual St. George Zombie Walk in St. George Utah resource in St. George, UT and surrounding communities.


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