Dixie State College Now Offering a Unique Course

Digital Forensic Course at Dixie State College

Dixie State College of St. George, UT is now offering a unique course in digital forensics. When it comes to gathering evidence from a crime scene, officers will look for clues both big and small. With today’s technology, one of the first things they look for is clues in a cell phone. That’s where digital forensics comes in.

Dixie State College was awarded a federal grant for Education Excellence that has helped to fund this digital forensics program. It’s the only one in the state of Utah and one of two programs of this type in the whole country. They also specialize in problem phones, which are phones that are broken or password protected.

As part of Dixie State College’s criminal justice program, you can now take the digital forensics course that will teach you how to extract evidence from electronic devices. Students receive cell phones of all makes and models from across the nation to study.

This course is providing a needed profession that helps when someone goes missing, a bank is robbed, someone has been killed, under aged sex crimes and more. The first thing that can be looked at is the cell phone. Students can remove the memory chip from the phone and get all the call history, MMS messages, SMS messages, photos, videos and anything else that was stored on the phone.

Students then copy the data and return the information to the police agency that is conducting the investigation. In some cases the cell phone doesn’t provide critical information, but it does help with leads. And, by having the course lab at Dixie State College, law enforcement is provided with a cost effective way to examine cell phones.

The lab focuses on helping and supporting police agencies from all over. Cell phones are examined free of charge, which has made the program popular among law enforcement and students. The course is most popular among students who are majoring in criminal justice. It’s going to be an important job to have in the near future as technology advances. All five classes are full.

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