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It’s time for the annual event seniors from around the world come to attend – the Huntsman World Senior Games in St George UT.  There’s no bigger adventure for our St. George UT seniors to enjoy. If you are a man or woman ages 50 or better, get ready for the time of your life. The Huntsman World Senior Games began in 1987 and have been going strong ever since. The “Huntsman Senior Games” were founded by John and Daisy Morgan with a vision of an international event that all seniors could enjoy. In 1989, Chairman of the Huntsman Corporation, Jon M. Huntsman became the title sponsor.  He recognized the importance of fitness for life and the Huntsman family continues to sponsor the games to this day.

So, if you’re 50 years old or better, get up and take part in this event!  It’s a great way to meet people, make friendships and enjoy the “golden years”  Th Huntsman Senior Games help promote physical fitness and good health for a better way of life.

Golf in St George UTThe Huntsman World Senior Games was originally open to all men and women who are ages 55 or above at the inception of the games. The following year, the age minimum was changed to 50 years old for participants. This enabled the games to include more athletes.  There is a small staff that works the organization year round and over 2,500 seasonal volunteers who help host the 30 athletic events over the two week period each October. The Huntsman World Senior Games have their headquarters located in Southern Utah; however, the event has become world renowned with athletes from Australia, Russia, Alaska, Japan and more that participate in the games each year. There are now tons of countries who participate in the Huntsman World Senior Games for friendly competition.

The games are not only about the athletic events, they also promote health and wellness by providing life saving screenings to the participants. In fact, the Huntsman World Senior Games is guided by three principals: Peace, Health and Friendship.  It makes perfect sense for the games to encourage it’s participants to stay healthy, active and aware of their overall wellness.  Some of the serious health issues they screen for are high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, glaucoma, loss of bone density and more. Some other screenings that may be provided are carotid artery screening, body composition, cognitive wellness and hearing. There are volunteer medical and nursing students who assist all the screenings.

Southern Utah Public Health Service will also be offering flu shots to the athletes for a nominal fee, which may be billed to insurance.

The Huntsman World Senior Games also has concerts and dances so you can enjoy more while at the event. And, there will be an awards ceremony where every participant will be acknowledged for their success in participation.

Huntsman World Senior Games Event Details

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