Family Fitness St. George, UT

Making fitness fun for the whole family in St. George, UT is so easy to do. St. George is the perfect place for outdoor fun year-round. Since we all know how important fitness is and how special family moments are, I have found some ways to help families incorporate fitness in fun ways into their lives.

Household Chores – Every household chore can be incorporated with exercise. Write down the chores you want done and what exercise that can go with it on separate pieces of paper. Place the papers in a basket and let everyone pick one. Some ideas include doing jumping jacks while cleaning the kitchen, doing pushups while cleaning the family room, or squats while cleaning the bathroom. No matter what you do, just get silly with it. Laughing burns lots of calories.

Top Out Reps – Each family member choose an exercise at the beginning of the week. Whatever you choose, you will do as many reps as you can in one minute. Your goal is to improve your reps by weeks end. On pretty days, go outside with the family and setup a circuit. Each family member does each exercise for one minute then you switch. Example: If your family has 5 members, choose 5 exercises for your circuit. Get a timer and everyone exercise together.

Personal Trainer – A trainer can design a personal program for each member in your family based on your needs. You can even have the trainer incorporate the fitness for group activities. A trainer can also help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Spontaneous Group Fitness – If watching TV you can all jump up and do jumping jacks during every commercial. You can do anything from squats to pushups to sit ups and more. Imagine how much exercise you will get by the end of the week if you do that each day.

Family Fitness Night – Schedule a family fitness night each week. Have a different person design what the family will do for their workout together. If you have a pool it can be swimming, if you have sidewalks try rollerblading. Just make sure you can all do whatever activity is scheduled.

Making fitness part of your daily family routine will be rewarding in many ways. You will gain a closeness to your family unlike any other and you will get healthy and fit along the way.

These family fitness ideas are brought to you by: Erika Rogers – your Making Fitness Fun for the Whole Family in St. George for St. George, UT and surrounding communities.


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