Health and Wellness in St. George

To help promote health and wellness in St. George and all of Washington County, UT, Healthy Dixie was established. All health conscious members around the area participate from local cities, schools, and organizations. Currently, the council is working to increase walkable neighborhoods, safe work places with health programs, and they are encouraging community gardens. Washington County is well known and liked for its scenic features, recreational activities and the temperate winters. Frequent sights along our roadways and trails are people biking, running, and walking. Therefore, programs like this are much needed to continue the growth of health and wellness in the St. George community.

Every year people come to our community to participate in St. George events. Washington County hosts the St. George Marathon and the newly established IRONMAN triathlon, the Huntsman World Senior Games and a host of other races. The community goal is to provide recreational facilities throughout the area. It has been recently proposed that existing facilities become connected and expanded into new developments. Additional sidewalks, shared-use paths and more bike lanes are in need to help promote health and wellness in St. George and Washington County.

In the workplace we can promote healthy lifestyles with the implementation of healthy options and creating an environment that supports those choices. The results have proven effective in employee engagement and satisfaction by a reduction in work related injuries, reduced sick leave and additional benefits. Healthy Dixie can provide the resources needed to develop policies to enhance the environment of a healthy place to work.

Healthy Dixie’s goal for 2011/2012 is to provide information to local businesses in Washington County on how to implement a worksite wellness program. They use the 7 key strategies from the Wellness Councils of America. Healthy Dixie will be hosting quarterly meetings for workplaces interested in improving their own health and wellness programs in the St. George community.

The Healthy Dixie Council is also supporting community gardens to help supply information to start a garden and keep it going. Local community gardens can be found on the Healthy Dixie website. The Healthy Dixie Award is also coming soon. This is awarded to a person or organization to recognize people or organizations who are taking action to improve the health of our community. Nomination forms can be found on the website at For organization or individuals interested in getting involved in these efforts, contact Healthy Dixie at

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