This year’s Salt to St. Relay scheduled for September 22 and 23rd. This is a cycling relay and even if you’re new to cycling, this is a great challenge to get you started. You have something for everyone including experienced riders and those just starting out. You can get your team, your bikes, and a big vehicle together and ride more than 400 miles of open highway across Utah. This may be one of the most fun 24 hours of your life. You can either ride or just cheer your teammates on as you really your way south from Salt Lake City Utah to sunny St. George. This is what the “Salt to St.” relay is all about.

This is more than simply a race. It’s technically a “ride”. The difference is that it’s a cycling event so we don’t have to close down roads or have police support to control traffic. Many teams to push themselves to beat other teams but it is not required.Salt to Saint Relay Race St. George 2017

You don’t have to ride at night but some people do. It’s important to talk to someone who is already done the ride. With the proper use of lights and reflective care, you can be visible both day and night. Writing and night is a unique experience though that the event planners think everyone should be a part of at some point.

Your team doesn’t even have to ride all at the same time. Many teams can ride a short distances and then be riding in a vehicle the rest of the way or back and forth. It’s really at your own pace and your own endurance level. Make sure to pack a goodie bag even though the event coordinators will provide something to get you started.

The event recommends a brighter than average cycling light for this event., Which is a headlight with at least 500 limits.

Safety, of course, is an issue and that can be many potential hazards in an open road race of this kind. We will have automobile traffic, road and trail conditions, and possibly inclement weather. Make sure you take all appropriate precautions to have a safe and fun event.

The Salt to St. to relay has really thought of everything and even provide you with a complete document for safety, frequently asked questions, and contact information. Visit the website at to register and for more information.

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