Southern Utah has many amazing natural wonders and the Zion National Park Subway tops them all. This natural subway is not your typical train ride, but rather a special connection of natural tunnels that you walk through. This subway is so popular that you have to get in the lottery since there are only 80 permits allotted per day during the peak months of March through November. However, May through September is the best times to go.

Accessing the subway is not easy. You have to hike over nine miles of hard terrain that requires a bit of skill, but the beauty is something you won’t find anywhere else. Therefore, I have found some photos of Zion National Parks natural subway to share.

The subway is so special that groups of more than twelve are not permitted. Therefore, you have to be selective when bringing your friends. Get your permit by calling 1-435-772-0170.

Zion National Park Natural Subway Photo by by Terra Trekking

The average hike time is 7 hours. So, you will need to bring supplies such as rope, sturdy hiking shoes, neoprene socks, water, dry clothes, food, headlamp and a first aid kit. Photo by: Terra Trekking

Zion National Park Natural Subway Photo by Terra Trekking

You can find the subway between the two peaks of North and South Guardian Angles, which is the perfect name for this area because of its natural beauty. Photo by: Terra Trekking

Zion National Park Natural Subway Photo by Stephanie

These vibrant greens are caused by the algae that live in the low light deep tunnels of the natural subway. Photo by: Stephanie

Zion National Park Natural Subway Photo by WikiCommons

It is advised to visit the natural subway during the warmer months since swimming is required through at least three areas of cold water in the subway. Photo by: WikiCommons

Zion National Park Natural Subway Photo by CCharmon

Before you plan your trip to Zion National Parks natural subway, check the schedule at the park. Heavy snow runoff in the spring can cause the tunnels to flood. And, the Left Fork Trailend is on the Kolob Reservoir Road, 8 miles north of the town of Virgin. Photo by: CCharmon

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