A new St. George area Nature Park is opening where LaVerkin and Ash Creek meet. The new Confluence Park is open and ready to be enjoyed. You will find this 344-acre nature park at the bottom of the 200-foot basaltic cliffs hidden between LaVerkin and Hurricane. The park is open to horseback riding, hiking, and biking.

Confluence Park Southern Utah

The general plan for the park has been ongoing since 2007, but many people don’t know the park is even there. Therefore, park officials are letting everyone know that the park is here and ready for everyone to come and visit. And the great thing about the park is that it’s right under everyone’s nose. However, once you’re in the park, all the noise from the city disappears.

While Confluence Park is now used for recreation, it was once used to provide fertile land for settlers. It has a long history of more than 1,000 years. The confluence was an important part of Southern Utah’s history stemming from expeditions that were led to the confluence from 1849 to 1858 by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Settlers from the expeditions settled in the nearby areas where they grew sugar cane, corn alfalfa, squash, gourds and melons.

When you’re looking for something to help you enjoy the great outdoors of Southern Utah, visit the new Confluence Park. It’s well worth the visit.

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