Sun River St. George Pet Festival

The Sun River Pet Festival is a annual festival with a large variety of reptiles, rodents, spiders, snakes, cats, dogs and more. So, if you missed the Sun River Pet Festival, here’s what you missed. It will also get you excited about attending next year.

Pets from every kind and several locations came out to participate in the annual Sun River Pet Festival. A portion of all the proceeds from the event will go to benefit P.A.W.S.; a local animal welfare organization that helps cats and dogs get adopted. Volunteers from the event are residents of the Sun River St. George retirement community.

It’s the support from this event that is very important. The money raised each year helps the P.A.W.S. organization abundantly. The event also benefits pet-centric businesses. There is always space for those vendors in the festival, which helps them get their name out to pet lover clientele. Many pet businesses have said they gain quite a bit of good business from being a vendor in the festival.

There was even a business there that offers first-aid training courses in pets. This is a great way to learn how to give CPR to your cat or dog should you ever need to. Knowing how to give your pet CPR is just as important as knowing how to give your human loved ones CPR. It can be a lifesaving technique that can benefit pet owners.

While there are lots of fun things to enjoy at the festival, the main focus is to foster relationships between pet lovers and pets in a fun environment. That part is made even more fun with a two-mile pet and owner walk. This is also an event that any animal or reptile can participate in. This is one of the most beloved parts of the pet festival, especially by those who come year after year.

Another fun, beloved part of the festival is the contests. There are four contests including the “Fur Real” Natural Beauty Pageant, the Best Dressed Fashion Show, the Cutest Pet Photo Contest and the Most Talented Pet Contest. Every animal and reptile is welcome and even encouraged to join the contests.

If you missed this year’s Pet Festival, come out to it next year and join in on the fun. Enjoy a day of socializing while showing off your favorite pets.

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