Tips for the Ideal Holiday Home

Tips for the Ideal Holiday Home

Tips for the Ideal Holiday Home

If you have the luxury of hosting Christmas or holiday get-togethers at your home, you may find yourself stressed out about your home this week. December has flown by and bam, Christmas Day is right around the corner. You still have a few days to hack your way to the perfect holiday home that will hopefully relieve some stress as you wrap presents, cook, and get everything else ready for the holidays.

The Never Ending To-Do List

Get it all out on paper to relieve your never-ending brain! List it all, cleaning, gift buying, baking, the grocery lists, snacks for the kids, etc. Once you do this, you can closely examine it. Not every little thing HAS to be done this week so kick it off the list if it’s not a top priority.

Let’s Get that Home Smelling Good

There are so many great and easy tips out there for a yummy smelling holiday home! No baking needed, just throw some vanilla, lemon, and thyme in a pot on the stove. Or use the crock-pot with apple cider, and spices. Simple and delicious!

Don’t try to be Perfect!

Everything cannot stay in order all of the time. You will drive yourself crazy and miss out on the enjoyment of the break, time with family, friends, and kids, and most of all, the fun of the holidays. Clean, but don’t go crazy. No one is going to deeply examine every crevasse of your home. Get the obvious cleaning done little by little. That includes the kids. Let the kids have fun. Don’t stress about the kid messes they are making. Let them enjoy the break and spirit of the holidays at their home. Let them help when they can and do things their way! Then just do an easy sweep of the toys before company comes over. Their rooms don’t have to be perfect either. Get the dirty laundry out of the way and everyone understands kids have toys!

Don’t forget to breathe, have fun, make memories, and take pictures! This time will fly by but the memories will last a lifetime!

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