The unveiling of the Living Well Healthcare Program in St. George, UT is on the fast track. Intermountain Healthcare is a company-wide wellness program in St. George’s Dixie Regional Medical Center, the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City and more. Currently, these hospitals have a wellness program in place, but they will now be transitioning to the Live Well Program.

Live Well Program starts in Utah

Dixie Regional’s Gateway to Wellness has now been transitioned to the Live Well brand and Cedar City’s Valley View Medical Center will be also be transitioned to the Live Well Program in 2013. Dixie Regional already has a standalone Live Well Center, unlike many of the smaller hospitals in the system. And when the program comes to Valley View, the program will be spread throughout the hospital instead of having a central location for services.

Top medical resources like this are what makes people flock to St. George, UT. Now, in St. George and surrounding communities, hospitals will have all the resources you need to live well. You can find the Live Well Center on the bottom floor of Dixie Regional, just east of the main building.

The purpose of the Live Well program is meant to help people turn to a healthy lifestyle. You will learn how to live healthy beyond doctor visits, medications and surgeries. You will be taught to not only look at the body, but at the spirit and mind to help you live a long healthy life. Each center will offer social workers, dietitians, athletic trainers, therapists, exercise physiologist and more.

Instead of getting a prescription medication for some aliments, you will get other options like a prescription for exercise or a prescription for a new diet plan. Anyone who comes to the Live Well Center will begin with a medical fitness test. The test will look at your body composition, metabolic rate, strength, exercise capacity, nutrition, flexibility and more. It will help the staff create the perfect plan for each individual. You will get more than the latest trends, you will get scientifically based workouts and diet plans.

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