2022 Landscape Trends Buyers are Looking For – Over the past two years, there has been an increased interest in spending time in your own outdoor space. As such, there has been a growing demand for beautiful outdoor spaces in homes from buyers. Homes with gorgeous outdoor spaces have always sold more successfully than those with yards that could use some work, but now more than ever homes with great yards are more attractive.

Just like within the home, outdoor design has trends. Just as with interior design buyers will be drawn to certain elements of your yard.2022 Landscape Trends Buyers are Looking For

Here are some outdoor landscape trends that will attract buyers in 2022

Eco-friendly choices

More and more people are becoming aware of how things impact the overall quality and condition of the environment around us. More and more homeowners and buyers are becoming interested in creating an outdoor space that works well with the surrounding environment.

This can include things like creating spaces that welcome local wildlife that may be struggling such as butterflies and bees. There is a recent resurgence in a movement called rewilding which is a return to spaces where wildlife love to hang out.

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Merging the inside with the outside

For many years creating a space that flows from inside the home seamlessly to outside spaces like decks and patios has been a major asset. In some homes, this is being done by carrying the same flooring from the interior to the exterior or with the use of large accordion-style doors that can open the inside to the outside by essentially removing the wall between the two spaces.

A twist for 2022 is making sure to incorporate plenty of greenery into the space. There is a high desire to bring the garden right up to the home and break up hardscaped patios with things like raised planters.

The kitchen garden

With an increase in living costs, many people have been interested in embracing growing their own fresh food. Growing fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as spices and herbs right in the backyard, is increasing in popularity at a fast pace.

Bring in some bold color

Any pallet you use full of lush plants is going to be beautiful. What is increasing in popularity is incorporating pops of bright bold color and breaking up the sea of neutrality. A few years ago plants with subtle tones in pink, mauve, and white were highly sought after. Today the most popular plants are those in bright orange and yellow hues as well as rich purples.

Natural paving materials

While a wooden deck or a concrete patio are still great, at the height of 2022 trends for creating outdoor living spaces are using a foundation of natural paving materials. Many homeowners and buyers are looking for a more natural and aged look to create the platform of their outdoor living room.

Incorporating backyard rooms

Using custom-built quality sheds for purposes other than storing materials like the lawnmower or outside toys is the trend of turning a shed into a more usable living space. Even before the pandemic begin using outdoor sheds for things like a she-shed was a popular trend. Now with spending more time at home than before the pandemic the spaces have only increased in popularity. Some people look for this extra space to use for a private office or a workout space or even that special place to get in some alone time.

Outdoor spaces really can be a great asset that could get a buyer to fall in love with your home and make an offer. If you are working with a budget simply cleaning up the yard and adding a few pops of color to your plants may be all that you need.

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