Storage Tricks for the Holidays and Every Day in Between

The holidays can be a busy and cluttered time around your St George home so here are some tips for creating extra storage in your already existing spaces to stay organized! Have family coming over? You will want your home to look presentable and de-cluttered for sure. Just think, if the people who own those tiny NYC apartments can do it, so can you! For indeed you have more space to work with than they do.

  • Get rid of it!

We all do this. Just keep clothes and items that are never used or worn. Clean it out and then you don’t have to worry about creating extra space for items you no longer have. Come up with your own rule of thumb. For example, if you have not worn it in two seasons, you probably aren’t going to. Donate it to a local charity for people in need, or Goodwill, and write off the donation on your taxes!

  • Use those walls!

Your walls do so much more than provide a support for your home. There is usually ample space if you go from floor to ceiling. Walk in your room or any other living space and look up. Even better, lie down and see how much cubic feet are available to you. I’ve seen people hang their bicycles on a vaulted space or from the ceiling. Use your kitchen drawers for other storage by adding some extra features to your kitchen like pegs to hang utensils and magnet boards. Even install shelves high up around your living room for things that you want to keep but don’t necessarily need to access on a regular basis.

  • Put your doors to work.

Your doors provide a great double service for storage in addition to being a privacy door. A lot of people use their bedroom doors to hang jewelry organizers, shoe racks, and even scarf organizers which is great but you have many more doors around. For instance, your bathroom sink doors can be used to hang a blow dryer so it is out of the way and can be easily accessed to plug in and use. On your closet door, you can use a bathroom towel rack for lots of things! Mount it and hang scarves, high-calf boots, or even ties.

  • Containers are awesome!

We are seeing these cube-like fabric containers that fit anywhere or in any shelf becoming popular with cute colors and designs for the whole family. Use them for books, clothes, toys, tools, helmets, yard and house supplies, gloves, scarves and so much more! Think of your family’s needs in what room you are in and go from there. For example, if you have a child in diapers, use the back of the closet door and mount your diaper changing needs using shelves or containers. Add shelving to the inside of the closet and place containers in it. In your jacket closet by the front or back door, do the same thing. It will take a little bit of work but will make life so much easier and accessible when you are on the go!

The key ideas to take from these tips are to not have to hide your belongings out of sight always. Make your belongings blend right into your living environment. You will love it!

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