The accompanying resource points out that the average house accumulates over 40 lbs. of dust every year. Dust can be found anywhere in the home, but your closet is one place you definitely want to keep dust to a minimum. Closet dust can get into your clothes; then, you get into your clothes; and then dust mites and toxic chemicals might get into you. Not good.

The resource provides several simple yet important tips for fighting back against closet dust. A great place to start is with a small remodeling project: replacing closet carpet with hard wood, tile, or vinyl flooring. If you think hard floors are an elegant design choice and nothing more, think again. Carpet is a breeding ground for dust mites, and dust can pile up in corners and recesses that are hard to reach with a vacuum cleaner — even for the most diligent dust fighter in the family. A hard surface floor won’t attract as much dust and is far easier to keep clean. Every closet should have one.

Once you’ve decluttered the closet, you can reorganize the space to fight dust even more. For instance, if you live in a climate with changing seasons, storing out of season clothes in garment bags and airtight plastic totes can help prevent dust from infesting. Additionally, keep shoes off the floor with shoe racks, and put shirts in drawers or boxes rather than stacked on an open shelf. A clean closet is a major step forward toward a cleaner bill of health! For more closet cleaning help, check out the resource.

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