Coverings is a trade show all about tile and stone. Here are some of the hottest trends that showed up last month at the Coverings ’19 convention in Chicago that would be ideal for your Utah Oasis.

Wood Plank Style Tile Tile Trends for 2019

Faux wood tiles have been popping up more and more, and no doubt if you watch any show on HGTV you have seen them in some form. There is now a porcelain tile version of nearly every type of hardwood floor. You can get tiles made to look like shiny heart pine, or even white-washed salvaged wood with faux nail heads. One of the most popular ways to use faux wood porcelain tile is laid in a herringbone pattern.

Inspiration from the Ocean

One company is making waves in the tile world with their offering of biomimicry to offer texture and what looks like movement that mimics the ocean floors. It is a great way to add interest to a neutral-colored tile.

Outdoor Spaces and Pavers

Big heavy pavers are what’s hot for outdoor living spaces right now. Some companies are making 20mm thick pavers that can be easily dry laid over the sand, gravel, and even grass. What’s even more convenient is the option to take them with you when you move.

Antique Carpet Finish

Heirloom floor coverings are beautiful and add elegance to a room, but they come with a hefty amount of upkeep. Today companies are offering tiles that look like heirloom pieces with the ability to stand up to a modern busy lifestyle.


We aren’t talking about dimensional prints on a flat tile, which was still present all over the show. There are many companies offering tiles with three-dimensional shapes. These tiles can make a statement on the wall making concave and other abstract shapes.

Huge Panels

Some tiles use the shape of grout lines to add drama. This concept of using huge panels does just the opposite. New technology is allowing companies to produce large size porcelain tile panels. Tiles can be made as large as 10 ½ feet by 5 ¼ feet. This allows homeowners to get a high-end marble or stone slab look for less from a porcelain tile.

Tile Trends for 2019Extra Dimension in Glass Mosaic

This high style and still on trend small tile is offering even more options like metallics and beveled backs to add even more dimensional interest.

Updated Hexagons

Black and white Hexagons are found on many floors in older period homes. Today they are making a comeback with updated color designs.

Neon Edges

When you see this trend at first glance you think someone has made a bold grout color choice, but one company from Spain was turning heads with its tilted white tile laid just right so you can see the bright neon edges.

Brick Impostors

The urban look of exposed brick inside the home is becoming more and more popular. With the help of some very convincing tile that looks just like the real thing, you can get the urban look without totally redoing your wall. Some of these faux brick tiles are so slim you would never believe it is not actually a brick wall.

All Gray

Neutrals will forever reign supreme in color choices because they allow manufacturers to speak to a wide range of buyers. Today’s most trendy neutral hue is gray. Most of today’s newest tile shapes and trends are showing up in gray tones. There is even a new shade of gray on the market referred to as “Griege,” a combination of gray and beige offering a warmer toned gray for those not looking to go ultra modern.

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