2010 Census Coming Soon to St. George, UtahThe official 2010 Census will be in the mail this week to every St. George, Utah household and every other household in the country.  This is a government ritual that is repeated every 10 years to help define the United States population.

Most of the nation’s 120 million residents will be getting their census forms in the mail by mid-March.  Residents who do not return the questionnaire through the mail will receive a visit from a Census worker.  Therefore, St. George is challenging all its residents to exceed their participation level in this year’s Census from their participation level in the 2000 census.

Many people don’t realize how vitally important the census is.  It is so important that every single person be counted so that Washington County can receive its fair share of federal funding.  The federal government distributes over $400 billion each year to tribal, state and local governments based on census data.  The data collected will also help determine where child care and senior centers will be located, where new roads will be put, where hospitals will be built and where schools will be added.

The US Constitution has mandated the census; therefore, citizen participation is required by law.  So, if you are unable to complete the census and return it by mail, a census worker will be by to collect the much needed information.

St. George officials are careful to protect their residents, so census workers will be carrying official government badges with their names clearly marked.  They are also required to show a separate photo I.D. upon request.  The census workers will only be asking 10 questions off the form, which can also be found on the bureau’s website.  Census questions will never ask for your social security number or other private information such as financial or credit information.  Questions asked will include your name, age, race, residence, phone number, etc.

So, since it’s that time once again, let’s be sure to all participate, get our census forms back in on time and get that participation level up.

2010 Census Coming Soon to St. George UT

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