St. George UT Market Updates

The latest report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, show an average of 85,800 Utah residents looking for work. But even with those large numbers, Utah does continue to be leading the nation in employment growth, which is excellent news for the local economy. There were over 30,000 jobs added in 2011 giving an increase of 2.5 % overall.

Although the northern areas of Utah seem to be recovering faster than other areas of the state, Washington County has shown the most improvement in recent studies by Washington County officials.

St. George’s industries have seen a strong return with growth of new jobs in the fields of transportation, manufacturing, wholesale trade, hospitality and private education. In local St. George, UT many residents are expecting the trend in job growth to continue.

Recently, the DWS released the facts on seasonal unemployment rates for all counties of Utah. Washington County showed higher numbers than the other counties in the state; however, the rate has dropped by nearly two full points, from 9.9 to 8% over the last year. And that’s great news for the county since it’s below the national average of 8.6%.

People are looking at this in a very positive way for the outlook on 2012. Companies are also more willing to take aggressive action as they anticipate a stronger national economy.

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