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55+ Communities in the St George UT Area

There are quite a few 55+ communities in the St George area.  Demand has risen for this type of housing over the years and St George has become the place many retirees choose to start the next chapter in their lives. According to AARP in their January 2018 article,...

The Future of 55+ Housing

A real estate market has been in a rebound for the last few years and that's also been seen in the 55+ community. Each year, numbers continue to rise and baby boomers and seniors are projected to grow their share over the market over the next few years. By 2020, this...

Time to Retire in St. George

Did you know that St. George Utah came in as one of the top places to retire in the country? With a population of about 60,000 and the cost of living slightly below average, our sunny weather, warm disposition, and fabulous entertainment make St. George the ideal...

How to Choose a Home to Retire In

I thought about the title of this post and I was thinking about titling it "how to choose the right retirement home". But that implies that you're looking for an assisted or independent living facility, and that's not really what I mean. If you're looking for a home...

How Old is Too Old to Get a Mortgage?

How Old is Too Old to Get a Mortgage?

And doesn't even make sense to get a 30-year mortgage of your over 60? This is a common question and I don't think enough real estate agents or lenders address this topic. I can see the understanding; if someone's over 60 doesn't even make sense to get a loan there...

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