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10 Reasons You May Not Want a Tiny House

10 Reasons You May Not Want a Tiny House

Tiny house hunting, living, and buying it has been a trend for the last few years but is the fad really all that it's cracked up to be? I know a lot of people are considering either selling their existing home and moving into a tiny house or just downsizing because...

5 Pitfalls of Down Payment Assistance Programs

For most people, coming up with a large down payment is one of the hardest things about buying a home. Enter the down payment assistance program. Most of these programs are run by state or local governments and they can provide grants or loans for buyers who need help...

Should We Still Buy a Short Sale?

Our short sales even out there anymore? A short sale is a property that needs to be sold at a lower price because the homeowner owes more on the property then it's currently worth. However, were not seeing a lot of these nowadays because home prices have increased but...

How to Compete with Other Buyers to Get the House

Competing with other buyers in a hot market can be challenging but there are ways to set yourself apart from the crowd and the stack of other offers that might come in on hot properties. Low inventory in several housing markets across the US can make competition among...

4 Simple Ways to Find the Right Neighborhood

Tracking down and finding the right neighborhood is more than just finding the right house. The house might be perfect but if the neighborhood leaves too much to be desired, you probably are not going to settle for the house. Whether it's a school district, close...

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