Water Recreation In St. George Area

On a hot day in southern Utah, nothing is more inviting than a cool swimming hole. Whatever your preference, sunbathing on red sandy beaches, cliff jumping into refreshing waters or exploring the hidden pools and waterfalls in slot canyons, there is a water adventure...

4th of July in St George Utah 2020

4th of July in St George Utah 2020

4th of July in St George Utah 2020 is going to be a little different from years past!  But.....it's still going to be AWESOME!  The fireworks show scheduled for 2020 will be the largest display in St George's history!!  The usual all-day activities have been paired...

Are Millennials Moving Out and Buying Homes?

What's keeping millennials from buying? Surprisingly, it's not the mountain of debt, wrong time of life or lack of desire... it's actually enabling parents. Time magazine had this to say on millennial's, "if millennial's are self-absorbed little monsters who expect...

History Of Washington City, Utah

Heading West Leaving the comfort of their homes behind, several thousands of people joined together and headed west, looking for a place to settle and peacefully practice the religion. Worn out and ill from the long trip, after burying many of their loved ones along...

St. George Trail System Adding A Major Connection

St. George Trail System Adding A Major Connection

St George trail system has come to be well-loved by locals and tourists alike. The trails attract those who are enthusiastic about hiking and biking, but because it connects the city, it has also an alternative transportation network used by many for traveling to...

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