Bathroom Makeover Planning Tips

Bathroom makeovers can be a daunting task at times. However, having a laid out plan before you start will help things to go a lot easier. Since your bathroom will get lots of use, planning it out is very important.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Relocating

Whether you are just moving to another town or heading for a totally new state clear across the country, moving is stressful. Adding getting used to a new way of life in a new place can make it even harder. Here are some common moving and relocating mistakes people...

Get to Know Stucki Farms in Washington Utah

Get to Know Stucki Farms in Washington Utah

Stucki Farms in Washington Utah may be one of the best kept secrets of Southern Utah!  This quaint community is full of charm and beauty.  You will find there's a variety of architectural styles and tastes throughout Stucki Farms, which is a planned community. ...

Are Millennials Moving Out and Buying Homes?

What's keeping millennials from buying? Surprisingly, it's not the mountain of debt, wrong time of life or lack of desire... it's actually enabling parents. Time magazine had this to say on millennial's, "if millennial's are self-absorbed little monsters who expect...

Why I Can’t Tell You the Best Place to Live

Why I Can’t Tell You the Best Place to Live

You've probably seen this symbol on real estate websites, mortgage websites or commercials but not really understood what it meant. This equal housing opportunity means that "property owners and managers are subject to the federal Fair Housing Act, which prohibits any...

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