The 2012 homeowners satisfaction survey by HomeGain is in. Homeowners from near and far were asked whether they are satisfied with home ownership and if the price appreciation or depreciation was a factor.

Homeowners Survey - Real Estate NewsOver 70% of those surveyed said they were satisfied with owning a home, and nearly 28% were dissatisfied with home ownership. Those that were asked if price appreciation was their reason for satisfaction, just over 20% said yes. Around 76% listed other reasons for their satisfaction of home ownership. Some of the most popular answers for home ownership were freedom from rent and pride of owning a home.

Of those who were unsatisfied, they indicated that price depreciation was their biggest reason for being unhappy homeowners. From those who listed other reasons for being unsatisfied, most said homeowner costs such as property taxes, repairs and HOA fees were an issue. So, the survey concluded that in spite of home value declines, homeowners are mostly happy with being a property owner; that is nearly 3 of 4 homes.

The Northeast region of the nation showed the most satisfied homeowners. The Southeast ranked second in satisfaction, followed by the West then the Midwest. Also, homeowners who purchased their home within the last three years or over 8 years were the most satisfied, and those who purchased their homes within 3-8 years were the least satisfied. Home purchase price and home buyer age was also a factor in whether homeowners were satisfied.

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