This page lists links to the various government resources in Southern Utah, including city and county offices.

Chamber of Commerce

St. George Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber of Commerce has lots of wonderful information about the area such as sites to see, national parks to visit and local events.


Hurricane, Utah
The Hurricane City website includes a calendar of events, sections for residents and visitors, as well as city services, and the Peach Days festival.

Ivins, Utah
The Ivins City website is a good website dedicated to life beneath the Big Red Mountain. It includes news, notices, and contact information for departments and officials, as well as resources for residents.

Santa Clara, Utah
The City of Santa Clara webpage has good information and resources about life in Santa Clara, including the annual festival, Swiss Days. The website is very thorough, even including maps of the area.

St. George, Utah
The City of St. George has a very thorough, nice website with a lot of resources, from paying your utilities online, to forms and applications, to information about all of the different departments and the city council. An excellent resource for anyone interested in the St. George area.

Washington, Utah
The City of Washington website is a well-organized, thorough website of resources and information for Washington residents, including a calendar of events, and information about the Cotton Days festival.


Washington County
You can obtain property tax information, view the proposed budget, check out the available jobs and perform a property search from the Washington County website.

Public Utilities

Public Utilities
This is a handy list of all the local utility companies and their phone numbers, right at your fingertips.

United States Post Offices

Local United States Post Offices
Here are the addresses and phone numbers of the local United States Post Offices.

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