We are just a week away from Christmas and while the hustle and bustle of the season might be a little bit stressful, things that are even more stressful are the prospect of selling your house in the new year. If you know you need to move or you know that a relocation is on the horizon, there are some things you can be doing it now to prepare for an easier move in January. 3 Things to Do Now If You’re Selling in January

#1. Start packing.

You probably have all of your holiday decorations out, you’ve decked the halls, and you have lights on the lawn but, when it comes time to put all of those items away put them away is if you’re going to pack them up for the move. This is also a good time to be going through closets, cupboards, and drawers, packing up items that you know you’re not going to need until you move. Go through your closets and take out all your seasonal items and at least half the items and personal belongings in drawers, cupboards, and closets. The areas will look more spacious and clean, and you’ll be halfway done with packing by the time your house is listed.

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#2. Start looking at home prices and shopping for a real estate agent.https://www.relocatetosunnystgeorge.com/selling-tips/3-things-to-do-now-if-youre-selling-in-january/

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed several new real estate signs that have gone up just in the last week or so. People are starting to prepare for the first of the year so now is a great time to get a good idea of how property is being priced and how quickly it’s selling. If you noticed that that real estate sign has been in the front lawn for over a month, the home may be overpriced. Regardless of the time of year, people still need to buy and sell. Relocations, job changes, financial changes, and other issues all make for relocation throughout any time of the year. Start now by making notes on the price of similar homes on the market.

Also, start shopping around your real estate agent. You want someone that knows your neighborhood specifically and is known for selling the property at a good price. You want someone you feel comfortable with, understands your needs and can help you sell the home to the right buyer for the right price and terms.

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#3. Start fixing little items.

If you have a little bit of time before listing your home consider hiring a home inspector. The inspector can go through the property looking over all the little details and major home fixtures to determine if items need to be repaired, replaced, or are just fine the way they are. Take the time you have now to repair the little items bit by bit so that by the time you list, all of those items will be done.

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