Last Minute Super Bowl 2016 Party Ideas

Super Bowl 2016 Party Decor Ideas

If you are throwing a last minute Super Bowl 2016 party and need some quick ideas to make your party great, I have some time-honored American traditional ideas that are sure to be a hit. Super Bowl 2016 is Sunday, February 7, 2016, which is just around the corner. That doesn’t leave much time for traditional planning. Every good sports party needs drinks, food, tables, seating, maybe a little game day decor and of course a TV or two. Therefore, these Super Bowl 2016 party ideas will have your party a hit by Sunday just in time for the big game. These ideas will also have your party just a little more upscale than the traditional solo cup party.

Super Bowl 2016 Party Ideas

Super Bowl 2016 cookie ideasDrinking Cups – Forgo the traditional, disposable red solo cups and try out the metallic cups. They cost just a little more and can be purchased at any party store. You can even buy the colors of your favorite team. Will your Super Bowl 2016 favorite team be the Panthers (black and blue) or the Broncos (orange and blue)?

Sports Coasters – These coasters can be part of your game day décor. If there is no time to order your favorite teams coasters, you can simply make them quickly and easily. Drop by your local craft store and purchase plain cork coasters, paint and brushes. Paint footballs, goals, football fields, etc. on each coaster to help set the game day atmosphere. Cork coaster are inexpensive and fun to paint.

Large Serving Dishes – If you will be serving large amounts of food such as your famous seven-layer dip, hot wings, chips, or other hand held foods, spring for a large fancy serving dishes your Super Bowl 2016 party. Large low-walled serving bowls are perfect for holding huge amounts of food.

Plates, Bowls, Cutlery – Instead of the usual paper plates and Styrofoam bowls, try clear plastic plates and bowls. They look better and they don’t cost that much more. And, instead of using white plastic forks and spoons, try using the heavy duty clear cutlery or the ones that look like real silverware. These only cost just a bit more than the cheaper version and your guests will be more impressed that you went the extra mile.

Game Day Décor – Don’t be afraid to use your team color garland and hang around your party space. This will help set the atmosphere for your Super Bowl 2016 party. You can even pickup game day décor at your local party store to take the theme even further. Place around the table of food, your seating area, etc. The food you serve can even be a huge part of your game day décor.

Game Day Seating – For extra seating, you rent tables and chairs. However, if you are on a budget, you can ask your guest to bring their own or you can purchase some cheap throw pillow/cushions for floor seating for your guests.

Game Watching – The more televisions you have to watch Super Bowl 2016 the better. No matter what size, if you have 2 televisions or 5 televisions, bring them and their cable boxes (if needed) into your viewing party area to make viewing more enjoyable.

Do you have enough drinks, alcohol, ice, napkins, toilet paper, facial tissue, and other conveniences for your guests? Will children be at your Super Bowl 2016 party? Do you have activities for them? Make a grocery and party supply list now so you don’t forget anything that you will need later.

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