Sellers have the advantage in the current housing market, but make the experience of selling your house even easier by observing these tips that appeal to your potential buyers’ five senses.


Catch your buyers’ eye and make a good first impression with a clean front yard. Have a yard service power wash your sidewalk and driveway or burn off some holiday calories by raking the yard and pulling some weeds. Put a pot of flowers by your front door for additional curb appeal. Hide the garbage cans and minimize the holiday yard décor.


Invite prospective buyers into your home with a clean doorknob. Making sure all touchpoints in your home are sanitized gives prospective buyers assurance that you care about their health and that you keep your home clean. Don’t forget about the banisters and kitchen chairs, which are often handled but not always wiped down. And keep the heat on or turn on the fireplace so your home feels warm and cozy.


Be sure to empty litter boxes and trash cans before inviting buyers into your home. And if visitors will be checking out the backyard, pick up the pet poop! Avoid using candles, incense or room sprays, as some people are sensitive to strong smells. It’s often better to go with no scent at all than cause a prospective buyer to miss viewing your home because it smelled too strong.


If you live near a busy street or other noisy areas, consider turning on some background music while buyers tour your home. Select music that matches your home’s personality and the type of person who might buy it, but keep the volume at a pleasant level and not overwhelming. Playing soothing white noise sounds is another option.


Put a plate of holiday cookies on the kitchen counter or table and give prospective buyers an opportunity to taste your hospitality. A crockpot of warm spiced cider is another treat that has the added bonus of helping the house smell good. Don’t forget to provide cups, napkins and a small garbage can for trash.

Make your home memorable by purposely incorporating features that engage people’s senses. Prospective buyers will be more likely to remember positive aspects of “the house with the Christmas music and spiced cider.” Paying attention to the details when preparing your home for sale helps buyers appreciate that they are purchasing a home that has been cared for and is a good investment.

Start the new year with a successful home sale and have fun finding a new home that brings joy to your senses!

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