There’s a new exhibit at the Dinosaur Museum in St George Utah.  It’s called “Prehistorigami:Ancient Animals in Folded Paper”.  The exhibit runs from June 9th through October 1st, 2011.Dinosaur Museum in St George Utah

Origami is the ancient art of folding paper into the shapes of animals and objects. Most origami uses a single square of paper, with no cuts or glue. In the last few decades origami has evolved into a much more intricate technique than simply folding paper into a crane or paper airplane.  The art has attracted many creative thinkers, including mathmeticians and scientists.  Using their skill, these artists have crafted intricate models including geometry based folding techniques.  These new pieces of art include great detail such as birds with toes and feathers, and reptiles covered with scales.

Featured models on exhibit at the St George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm include the flying reptile Pteranodon, the sail-backed mammal relative Dimetrodon, a wooly mammoth, and a skeleton of Tyrannosaurus. Over thirty-five, intricately-folded creatures from the past will be part of this display.

The St George Dinosaur Museum is located at 2180 E. Riverside Dr. St George Utah. Hours of operation are 9-5

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