St. George UT Traffic Info. Roundabouts Coming Soon

More roundabouts are in the development stages for St. George, UT and other Washington County communities to help make it easier and quicker to get around town. This is good news since they are a very pleasing alternative to stop signs and traffic signals.

Two St. George, UT roundabouts are in the plans of construction. One will be located at 400 East and Tabernacle Street and the other will be located at Tonaquint Drive and 600 West. The goal is to address extreme transportation issues at these locations. The roundabout at 400 East and Tabernacle Street will help provide an eastern boundary at downtown St. George. It will help motorists to cross the seven lane road at 400 East safely. While it really doesn’t need a traffic signal right now, it will make crossing this large intersection less difficult.

The roundabout at 600 West and Tonaquint Drive will help improve pedestrian access while it provides safer access for left and right turns for motorists. Currently, the intersection doesn’t need traffic signals, but there are serious safety concerns because of the conflicting turn movements. When the project is complete, there will be a sidewalk for pedestrians that will connect to the St. George trail system.

There is concern that some businesses could be affected during construction, so please don’t forget the businesses that are there and expect some delays.

The City of Ivins, Utah will be adding a roundabout at 200 East and 400 South to help with future traffic flow. The intersection is two major streets that stop signs and traffic signals may not be efficient for in the future. The roundabout will help control the traffic that is expected to come in another 15 years. And, roundabouts are preferred over traffic signals and stop signs in most communities.

The Ivins project is still in the early stages of its planning so it won’t impact anyone for quite some time. However, when the time comes, please remember the local businesses in that area. They will still be open for business.

This roundabout information is brought to you by: Erika Rogers – your St. George UT Plans for More Roundabouts for St. George, UT and surrounding communities.

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