Are homes selling fast in the premier 55+ community of SunRiver St George?  From the statistics, homes in the SunRiver area are in very high demand!  Year over year, the numbers are astounding.  2021 has been the year of “people on the move” and lots of them are relocating to the St George area. The real estate market in the St George UT area has been on fire during 2021.  Homes are selling for typically 102% of the asking price, which means buyers are paying 2% more for homes.

2021 is still a great time to buy with interest rates low, although inventory of homes is also lower than usual.    Let’s take a look at the statistics for July year over year to see what’s happening and compare what it costs to purchase a home in SunRiver.

Here’s the SunRiver St George 55+ Real Estate Market Snapshot for July 2021  You’ll see Sun River 55+ Community has been one of the popular neighborhoods and demand remains high for homes in SunRiver.

There were 21 homes sold in SunRiver during the month of July 2021-

SunRiver homes for sale
1 home sold for between $250,000-$300,000
2 homes sold for between $300,000-$350,000
6 homes sold for between $350,000-$400,000
6 homes sold for between $400,000-$450,000
4 homes sold for between $500,000-$750,000
2 homes sold for between $750,000-$999,999

For a year over year comparison-

Average Sales Price in July 2021 was $445,811 – in July 2020 it  was $383,403.

There were 11 active home listings during July 2021 and 49 in July 2020 so the SunRiver inventory has decreased significantly year over year.

Twenty one homes sold in Sun River during July 2021 and there were 21 sales in July 2020, but far more inventory in 2020 for buyers to choose from.

Average days on the market for a home listed in Sun River 55+ Community during July 2021 was a whopping 5!   There was .45 months supply of inventory in SunRiver during July 2021.  Generally speaking, a balanced real estate market has between 4-6 months supply of inventory.  This means SunRiver has extremely low inventory right now.

SunRiver St George is, in my opinion, the premier active adult community in all of southern Utah.  Just follow this link for a list of homes currently for sale in Sun River St George 55+ Community

Sun River is ideal if you’re looking for an active lifestyle and lots of opportunities to get out and enjoy living there.  Southern Utah residents also enjoy year round outdoor activities like hiking, golf and biking.

During the pandemic one SunRiver couple decided to start a puzzle exchange for the residents!  The Hinton’s felt like people needed something to take their minds off everything that was happening in the world.  They decided to share their love of puzzling with their neighbors and it’s been a hit.  They started with 27 puzzles and now have over 700, nicely sorted by number of pieces and themes.  Check out the full story of the SunRiver Puzzle Club here.

Interest rates are still near historic lows making this a wonderful time to purchase a home in SunRiver St George!  You may want to consider a Reverse Mortgage for purchasing a home in SunRiver, a lot of buyers do! If that interests you let me know and I’ll email you some information regarding Reverse Mortgages. The St George Utah real estate market is thriving and St George is booming.   You’d better hurry if you want take advantage of the great opportunities currently available in SunRiver!

My clients all all think SunRiver St George is a wonderful 55+ community to live in. For more information on SunRiver St George 55+ Community please contact me any time.

The above information was taken from data on the Washington County Utah MLS on August 23, 2021. Neither the Washington County MLS, Red Rock Real Estate or Erika Rogers  guarantees or is responsible for its accuracy.  Market data does not show FSBO, non broker members listings, or listings not published.

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